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Skye's Traveling Cloak Yarn Kit

This past weekend, Cheryl dyed up the yarn to make Skye’s Traveling Cloak, done in a special new colorway just for the The Broken Circle, called Glacier Ice.  In  the novel, we meet Skye in Chapter 1 and both she and her mother put on their traveling cloaks in preparation for their trip to the Middlemarch World’s Fair.

Glacier Ice Colorway


Glacier Ice is a colorway composed of light pinks, wisteria, greys and natural cream–yes cream is a color, and is used in the colorway to separate the other muted shades. It’s magical power is that of persuasion.  Whenever Sierra wears her traveling cloak, she can get adversaries to agree with her.  Skye sees this clearly when the soldiers decided to bar them from the fairgrounds at the Middlemarch bridge.  What she does not yet realize is that Glacier Ice is an not really even a color–just opaque hues she sees in the shadows of the Northland Glacier and is able to provide her with a cloak of invisibility. Skye’s Traveling Cloak kit is available from The Supersock Store.

This photo was sent by one of Cheryl’s students who attended her workshop at Cherry Tree Hill a few weeks ago.  She had never dyed yarn before in her life:


“[Here] is a picture of the cowl I knitted with yarn you taught me to dye.  Didn’t it come out beautiful?”

Potluck Yarn Warehouse If any of you would like to attended an impromptu workshop, just let us know.  Cheryl will do private workshops for groups of 3-6 people.  You get a chance to work with a legendary fiber artist, shop the Cherry Tree Hill warehouse, and see what’s new for 2013. If you’re lucky, Cheryl will even let you see her private studio where she is writing and designing for the next book of her Potluck Yarn Trilogy.


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