Oceania Returns to Cherry Tree Hill


Many of you remember the huge hanks of Oceania we used to sell in all of the Cherry Tree Hill Colorways.  It was a sport weight boucle with a little bit of sparkle and one hank would make just about anything.  The New Zealand Mill that produced Oceania has gone out of business and we had to discontinue the yarn a few years ago.

potluck-yarn-book-1 Now that the yarn is in the Companion Pattern Book of The Broken Circle, we have been trying harder than ever to get this yarn milled one more and have found a custom source in Peru.  The yarn will be custom milled just for us and we will be expecting it in August.  The samples have come in, and because we are using merino rather than wool for the base, the yarn is much softer than before.

RattasNeverEndingShawl Those of you who want to knit Ratta’s Never Ending Shawl from The Broken Circle will have a little bit of a wait, but it won’t be long!  We plan to re-release all of our Oceania patterns after Cheryl dyes the yarn at the end of this summer.

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2 comments on “Oceania Returns to Cherry Tree Hill
  1. Barb Brown says:

    CTH Oceania – please do not forget us “crocheters”. I love CTH Oceania and have been impatiently waiting !!
    Sunshine and smiles, Barb

  2. Rachelle Provencal says:

    Will you have any “bare” yarn available, or will it all be dyed before you sell it?

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