Pattern Abbreviations and What They Mean

This past week was our 14th Annual Cherry Tree Hill January Sale, so we got more comments and question than usual  One pertinent question settled around pattern abbreviations for garments in the Broken Circle Companion Pattern Book, and what they mean. Most patterns do use abbreviations such as k for knit, yo for yarn over,  sl for slip and the like.  One lesser used pattern abbreviation is cdd, and a query was submitted by Barbara S. as it is used in Winter Wheat’s Highland last scarf.

CCD stands for Center Double Decrease and is used in patterns such as scarves which are knit side to side to promote symmetrical vertical decreases in pattern stitches.  Says our resident expert JoAnne Turcotte:

” I always write it as:  Slip 2 sts at the same time as if to knit 2 together, k1, then pass the 2 sts over the knit stitch.  This is a centered double decrease (CDD).  When complete, the center stitch seems to look vertical. “

Thanks to Barbara S. for submitting the query.  If any one else has questions about the pattern stitches in the garments, we would be happy to help!

NOTE: Today is the last day to take advantage of the amazing sales going on at the 14th annual Cherry Tree Hill January Sale, so make sure you pop by to see what’s available! The sale ends at 9 AM EST on Monday, January 6th!!
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