Photogenic Friends from TNNA

Our photos just came back from The National Needlework Show which took place at the end of June in Columbus, Ohio, and some of the outtakes with our friends were so good we thought we would share them with you!

Here we are with our booth mates, Sally Holt and Kitty Wonder from Knit Companion.

Cheryl with Kitty and Sally from knitCompanion

We had plenty of time to schmooze with Julia, the Prime Minister of PatternFish.

Cheryl and Julia from Patternfish

Tim and I also met up with Lorna, the founder of the original Lorna’s Laces.

Cheryl Tim and Lorna

Melissa Leapman stopped by for a hug as well! It’s hard to believe that we worked together on one of Melissa’s first designs, as well as one of my first yarns for Knitter’s Magazine!

We saw plenty of our favorite shop owners including Joan and Cathy from Yarns Unlimited and JoAnne and Amanda from The Knitter’s Edge! Who could miss Steven B, here with his mother Christa, who introduced him to yarn – is it impolite to say how many years ago that was?

Dave Van Stralen from Louet was on hand as well. We have a feeling you’ll be finding plenty of his fine natural fiber yarns at our sister site, Discontinued Brand Name Yarn, when he gets his new yarns and colors in for 2014 this Fall!

If you got any great shots from The National Needlework Show, I’d love to see them! Feel free to comment with a link to your photos!

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