Potluck Yarn eBook For Kindle Available Soon

Potluck Yarn is a new E-book by Cheryl Potter of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn.

We hope you have enjoyed the free preview of Potluck Yarn while it was being written and edited. We are very happy to say that the book is nearly finished, at least book one is nearly finished.

Potluck Yarn will soon be available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. You don’t need a Kindle to download and read the book. Software is available for PCs and Macs to let you read e-books. I didn’t think that I’d like reading an eBook at first, just couldn’t imagine reading from a computer or tablet instead of holding a real book, but…

The Kindle software lets you download your books onto multiple devices and keeps track of where you are. If you read a chapter on your lunch break at work, your home computer or Kindle will be updated too.

Free Potluck Yarn Patterns

Potluck Yarn ePatterns

Potluck Yarn ePatterns

All of the patterns in the book have been re-written and will be available as a free download to all who purchase the book. These patterns sell for $4-$7 each at the Supersock Store.

The gathering has begun, who will come…

Twenty years have passed since the great dyepot was lit and the circle was complete. Now, the folk of the Middle Lands face a danger worse than any can remember. Darkness and chaos threaten to destroy the delicate balance of the natural world, and the magic of the dye crystals that have always been a way of life, and a great source of power for the people, has been outlawed.

Can the potluck twelve — known to some as the knitting witches — summon the strength to reawaken their power before the world ends in fire or ice?  Can they mend the differences that split them, and continue to keep them apart? In a world torn asunder, can twelve women rise above the odds and restore the balance of nature, the beauty of magic, and the force of the crystals?

Potluck Yarn tells the harrowing story of a group of women from all corners of the fiber arts world, and how they combine their skills and knowledge to take arms against injustice. Both an exploration of fiction and of the soul of the fiber artist, Potluck Yarn weaves the story of fiber, from the open fields to the covered dyepot, with magic and discovery.

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