Publishing Secrets of the Lost Caves

There are many intricate, time-consuming steps involved with publishing a book. In the past, we’ve shared some of the more specific steps (most-recently, how we constructed our back cover). Here’s a brief review of the various ways we publish our book.

When it comes to Secrets of the Lost Caves, we really have 4 distinct products:

1. The print book of the novel itself. This is distributed through our website ( and a company called Pathway. They post it to all online retailers, store books, and fulfill to all brick and mortar stores.

2. Next in-line is our eBook (also available now). This is packaged and distributed by Publish Green in a variety of formats (including Kindle/iPad versions).

3. Our workbook, a digital PDF, is offered through our website for free download (click here) and the print version will be uploaded to Ingram Spark for printing and distribution through online retailers.

4. Finally, we have our audio book. This is packaged and distributed by through Audio Books, Amazon, and iBookstore. This version of book 1 (The Broken Circle), is undergoing production right now (the sample can be listened to at – next in-line is the production of the audio book for Secrets of the Lost Caves.

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