Questions Kids Ask About The Broken Circle

Last night Aviara Oaks Elementary School held a Broken Circle event in their auditorium for kids and parents who wanted to learn more about Yarns of The Knitting Witches. This was an interactive event in which everyone got to explore the fantasy world further, see the garments in the pattern book first hand and try knitting. The boys were especially curious about the Potluck hats the fossick boys wear in The Broken Circle while some of the girls were especially curious about Mae’s pouch.

Why, 3 of the boys wanted to know, if the Potluck hats have different magical qualities for different colors, can’t you combine the hats? For example, if you wanted to be both calm AND invisible, wouldn’t it be a good idea to wear both the green hat and the pink hat at once?

The girls wanted to know why Mae would walk around for 20 years carrying a pouch around her neck so heavy that it weighed her neck down when what was inside was not really Aubergine’s amethyst necklace. They recalled that Tasman stole the necklace when she fled south, so Mae could not possibly have it.

Really? I asked. Spoiler Alert! The kids shouted. So like Lilac Lily I said no more.

The funniest question came from a little boy who asked me if the story of the witches was true. It is for me, I told him, so it is for you. We call that suspension of disbelief…


Some adorable students playing with a shawl and wrap!


Such a sweet thank you card!! What a keepsake!


Just a little posing!


I will always remember these fantastic students!



Loved the smiles all around!


The boys and the fossicker hats! Those CA boys don’t get much of an opportunity to wear winter hats LOL.


Showing off the Possibles bag!


What a wonderful welcome we received and some gorgeous flowers as a thank you! Thank you again for such a wonderful day!

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