Sally Holt Takes On Broadband!

Last spring, while Cheryl and I were collaborating on another project, she showed me a test sample of a new dye technique she was experimenting with. It made for very long (60 yards or so) of constant color before changing to the next color in the sequence. I’d seen this type of yarn before, but usually it was either very scratchy, very expensive, or both. When Cheryl shared that she had figured out how to achieve this effect more cost effectively I was pretty intrigued. Then when she told me she was going to use her Supersock Silk yarn base, I just had to have some of this yarn! Cheryl was still months away from making her vision a reality, but every so often I pestered her to remember me when she got her first shipment in so I could be first in line. By fall she was working on a sample set, and one day I got a lovely surprise in the mail. It was a skein of her new BroadBand in the color-way Indian Summer, soft and richly dyed in some of my favorite colors! Now the hunt was on to find the right project to use this lovely yarn. I wanted it to be lovely drapey lace, and I wanted to show off those big long color changes.

I settled on a pattern by Birgit Freyer called KatyJubilee which is a variant of her popular LazyKaty small shawl. To show off the BroadBand colors, I did some extra repeats of the center section. The addition of yarn-overs in the stockinette really help show of the flow of the colors as the tear-drop shape is formed. The timing for this project worked perfectly for a Ravellenics project. Of course, I used knitCompanion to track my way through the pattern and it was invaluable in keeping my place. To meet the deadline, I had to knit part of the lace while at Mardrona which is filled with distractions bound to make any knitting a challenge, never mind lace! And for those who participated on Team knitCompanion for this year’s Ravellenic games, all who finished their project for the team are entered to win one of three skeins of broadband that Cheryl has offered in support of our team. Even with all the excitement of Madrona, I managed to finish my shawl in the nick of time, it was drying on the blocking board during the closing ceremony. The end result promises this will be a favorite shawl in my wardrobe; the color bands are a perfect match to the pattern and the shawl is soft and drapes beautifully!

photo 2

photo 3

Sally Holt is a computer geek and avid knitter. Her frustration wrestling with paper knitting patterns drove her to invent a “digital magnet board”. The end result is the very popular knitCompanion product; an app that transforms your iPad into an extraordinary knitting tool that goes well beyond any other way to manage patterns and is literally bigger on the inside. Sally is a cubicle escape artist; she spent over 20 years working in the cubicles of a variety of hi-tech software companies before breaking out on her own to follow her muse.

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