Saving Scrap Yarn For Kids’ Projects

Although I have access to more yarn than I could ever use up in my lifetime, I always save leftover yarn, especially leftover sock yarn. You would be surprised at how many projects you can make with partial hanks of yarn!

Sock yarn is usually colorful, machine washable and you get lots of yards per skein, making it ideal for kids’ projects such as knitted change purses, cell phone cases, iPad holders, simple stuffed animals and the like.

A Basket of Scrap Yarn

Lots of times while making socks and hats from scrap yarn I run out of yarn. That no longer deters me. As long as I am working on two socks at once, I can change yarns on both socks at the same point, making my yarn shortage look like a design element.

Experimenting with different yarns in the same project can be fun for kids too. I have one pattern I call Scrap Hat that is a great beginner knit in the round.  Scrap scarves are another easy choice.

A beginner scrap hat! A perfect starting point for kids!

To create excitement, save all your scraps in a few Ziploc bags. Yarn is great for rainy day projects. Let your kids have their own “yarn tasting.” They can sort the scrap yarn by color, yarn type, weight—whatever they want! It will help them get their creative juices flowing and you will find that they will be able to visualize a completed project just from examining a little pile of sorted yarn.  Give them each a bag with a sticker on it that they can use for a “project bag.”

That might be all they want to do in one sitting.  The second step will be to look through easy beginner patterns and finding needles that would be appropriate for these patterns. There are so many free beginner patterns out there, you won’t know where to start!

Young gilrs love making a scrap purse!

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