Scrap Socks

I can always tell fall is on its way when I find myself craving to knit socks. Typically when I start knitting socks in the fall, I cannot stop until the winter is over.

You may think that because I own a yarn company I have access to all of the sock yarn in the world, and when I look at my ever growing stash with dread, I think so too, but that simply isn’t so.

What I do have is lots and lots of unlabeled scrap sock yarn that I have used for various classes, demonstrations and dye projects. Since most of the balls are not full hanks, I tend to knit what I call Scrap Socks.

Sometimes a pair of them looks alike and sometimes they don’t. My husband does not mind—here he is wearing a recent Scrap Sock creation. And on the table is two more pair I started this past week. Sometimes I knit both socks at the same time, especially when I am worried about yardage or using self patterning yarn.

I never know how many pair of socks I’ll knit—it depends upon the length of the winter and mud season in Vermont. If mud season is particularly dreary, I’ll knit an especially colorful pair of socks!

Tim loves scrap socks!

Tim loves scrap socks!

Scrap socks and scrap yarn!

Scrap socks and scrap yarn!

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