Secrets of The Lost Caves UPDATE




Writing a book is a VEEEEEEEEERY long process, however, we are happy to tell you the work is ALMOST DONE!

As they say, “waiting is the hardest part”… so we’re gonna make it a little easier :lol: This is the only place in the world where you can read Chapter 1 Disaster in Plain Sight! Shhhh… PLEASE don’t tell Cheryl, we could all loose our jobs for this one, and then it would take even longer for you to get Book Three.  :oops:


Chapter 1:  Quick as a cat, Tasman moved around the pot toward the girl.

Chapter 1: Quick as a cat, Tasman moved around the pot toward the girl.

Chapter 1 Disaster in Plain Sight


Recently we received the final drafts of all the chapter illustrations by the extremely talented Frank Riccio.

  PL2chap16Fin.a PL2chap20Fin.a


Soon after we received an email from our new editor. Here’s a little bit of what she had to say:


I didn’t cut anything…Your pacing and chapter order are great… Your writing is lovely as well. You have just the right amount of descriptive text, so it’s enjoyable and beneficial, but not overdone so it slows the action (which is something a lot of authors do). And you did a great job of leaving each chapter with the reader wanting more, but then quickly getting enthralled in the next chapter featuring a different branch of the story…




We are SO CLOSE to completing the book and can’t wait to let you in on the full, finished, fantastic, fantasy this Fall!

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