Secrets To Getting What You Want for the New Years Day Sale!

Once a year we turn this party upside down – once a year it’s NEW YEARS’S SALE DAY!

And this year’s New Year’s Sale Day is only a few short days away, which means it’s time to start getting ready if you want to take advantage of our biggest, baddest, and best sale of the year!

So here’s how this works: the cart on our store is currently shut down, and will remain shut down until 12 AM EST 1/1/2014!! Now, just because it’s shut down doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to see – on the contrary, those who visit the Potluck Yarn shop during this time will be able to preview all of the amazing things that we have on sale – and the previews will be added to up until (and going through) sale day! So…

TIP #1: Make sure you check out the preview!

By checking out the preview you’re putting yourself in a great position, as you’ll all ready know exactly what is available to purchase and you’ll be ready to click the “buy” button the moment the sale starts! Now remember: even if you could put something in the cart now, it won’t count – all carts will be emptied at midnight to make it fair for everyone.


I can’t say this one enough – registering takes time, and if you register during the sale, the time it takes to register may mean the difference between getting that amazing yarn that you want and having it ripped out of your cart and having it wind up in someone else’s greedy little hands! Pre-registering is a painless, easy process that simply gets you in the best position to purchase that you can be in.

To register simply follow this link and enter the requested information – (ie. your billing name, address, ect). If you are registered on DBNY you still have to register on this Potluck Yarn site as the two systems are completely different. Now, registering for the sale doesn’t mean that you have to be registered for forever – once the sale is completed you can un-register (if you’d like) to stop receiving our emails.

Just a note: we do NOT sell any information to other companies – we only use your information in order to fulfill your orders and to keep you updated about amazing sales that we have going on at Potluck Yarn!


I often have a really difficult time staying up until 12 am, but there’s something about seeing that ball drop and being able to shout “Happy New Year!” while, simultaneously waking my husband up from the nap he inevitably falls into on the couch, that makes staying up so late worth it. If you’re going to be up anyway, take that time to jump onto the PY shop and to make your sale purchases!! The sale is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE so if you make your purchases first and fast, you’ll be the person to get the best deals out of the sale!

Not only does being fast get you a great deal, it can also net you a free Goodie Bag AND may even get you a Get Out of Sale free card!

GOODIE BAGS: Goodie Bags are filled with all sorts of great stuff, from yarn to patterns to buttons and gadgets – we walked around the shop, grabbed, and stuffed, so even we don’t know everything that’s in each bag!! We CAN guarantee, however, that there’s at least 1 lb of yarn in each goodie bag! The first 200 orders will each ship with a goodie bag!

get-out-of-sale-free-2014 GET OUT OF SALE FREE CARD: One very lucky person, one of the first 200 people, will find something special in their goodie bags – they’ll find a Get Out of Sale Free card!! This card means that anything that you purchase during the sale (no matter how expensive it is or how many orders you make) is FREE!! You will be refunded all of the money spent on the orders during the sale! We’ve had people save hundreds of dollars with this card, so it’s definitely worth making sure that you’re one of the first 200 orders during the sale!!


The best advice I can give you about the sale (aside from pre-registering) is to have fun! Think of it like a challenge – be ready, be fast, and have fun and you’ll not only wind up getting the best deals you’ve ever gotten on some amazing yarn, you’ll also find yourself smiling and having a great time!

If you have any questions about the sale just leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help!

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