Broken Circle Potluck Yarn Kits

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Broken Circle Potluck Yarn Kits

Potluck Yarn Knit Alongs

Join Cheryl Potter and Donna Druchunas in Potluck Knit Alongs at the Potluck Yarn Website. The first (September) project is the Potluck Hats.

These patterns and yarns are designed for Potluck Yarn Book One of the trilogy, The Broken Circle: Tales of the Knitting Witches.

"The rare, hand-painted, crystal-dyed fiber in Skye's father's hat came from a shop called Potluck Yarn, located in Bordertown, a city on the northern border. There, it was rumored, a much younger Sierra had apprenticed at a dye house, intending to forsake farm and family to master the magical dye crystals. Skye had never been able to prize from Sierra what had prevented her from following that path farther. The deep, multicolored blues and greens of Kendrick's hand-knit hat melted together in a swirl of jades and teals that made Skye think of the calming strength of deep, still waters."

--Chapter 1, The Broken Circle: Yarns of the Knitting Witches