Smokey Jo’s Oven Mitt Designs

Our Call for Designs for Smokey Jo’s Giant Oven Mitt has ended and we’ve picked our top three favorites for a run off contest.

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Poll Results:
Which design is your favorite?
The winning oven mitt will appear in the Companion Pattern Book for the second book of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy called Secrets of the Lost Caves due out next year. The winner gets $250 and her original design in print. Help us decide by voting for Mitts 1, 2, or 3.
Smokey Jo's Mitts

Mitt 1 is a mitt knit in one colorway, we’re calling “Knit Mitt”. Mitt 2 is a mitt knit in 2 colorways, we’re calling “Two Toned Mitt”. Mitt 3 is a mitt crocheted in one colorway, we’re calling “Crocheted Mitt”. We’ll keep you posted via our blog and Ravelry. Voting ends on Friday and we’ll announce the winner on Monday. Help us pick the Winner!

Design 1 Knit Mitt

Design 2 - Two-Tone Mitt

Design 3 - Crochet Mitt

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2 comments on “Smokey Jo’s Oven Mitt Designs
  1. Diane Finkle-Perazzo says:

    Hey there! I cast my vote for #3. I like the idea of a round crocheted pot holder in the form of an oven mitt.

  2. Beverly Bragin says:

    I really loved all the Mitts but we could only vote for 1. I would just like to know if we will all get notifications on line for the 2nd book and companion designs. Thank you. Bev

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