Sneak Peak: First Draft Sketches from “Secrets of the Lost Caves” #3


The Loose Goose

In Book Two of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, Garth and the fossickers sneak out of the Potluck and to the borough of River Walk in the night, in search of an ancient Skell card hidden in an old boarding house above a mead hall called The Loose Goose.

Like many ale houses along the waterfront, the Goose caters to soldiers from the Garrison providing pub fare at lunch time along with beer and hard cider. The carved wooden sign can be seen from the piers as well, and dock hands who pole the barges and fishermen who ply their trade along the river stop in for for drinks and a few hands of cards in the back room when their days work is done.

On the second floor of the Goose are small rooms that used to be rented for the night, and sometimes the help stayed there also. Part of the upstairs was burnt in a fire long ago and the owners never saw fit to renovate the rooms, so they remain smoke stained and empty.  It is here Garth goes to look for the Skell, hoping to use it to ransom Trader.

None of the boys are actually old enough to drink ale, nor do they have money for food in the bar, so they must find a different way in than through the front door of the pub.  On top of that, soldiers swarm the docks looking for conscripts and although no one might serve 15 year old Garth a beverage at the bar, both he and the fossicker Clayton are of age to join the army.

While they are at the Goose, Garth and Clayton encounter two young soldiers you might remember from Book One, Hairy and Raven.  Hairy was a smith’s apprentice from Coventry and Raven’s family owns a tannery in Woolen Woods.  Both boys were taken away in rolling cages to join the Guard the year before and spent months as prison guards at the Black Holes before returning to the Garrison in disgrace for letting a witch escape.  Little do they know that witch was Sierra Blue, Garth’s own mother.

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