Tell a Story with Color

This weekend, Cheryl is in Colorado with her friend Sally Holt from Knit Companion.  They will be working on kClub yarns and designs, as well as meeting with Donna Kato from CraftArtEdu. Cheryl’s new online class Creating Colorways just went live.  Here’s what Donna hast to say:

Tell a Story with Color!

sos-027 Here’s a little secret that you may not know about me. I love to knit! And as with polymer clay, I have a passion for color. Whenever I go into a yarn or fiber shop and see all the colorful skeins of hand-dyed and painted yarns, I want to touch and buy each and every one! Of course, I’ve also had some ideas for some colorways of my own, so when Cheryl Potter approached us with this class, I was very excited to learn more! And, boy, did I!

Cheryl is the owner of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn, and we’re thrilled that she’s sharing her vast knowledge right here on CraftArtEdu. Like many of our instructors, Cheryl is multi-talented. She just published the first book in her knitting fantasy series, The Potluck Yarn Trilogy. I hope you enjoy taking a peek into Cheryl’s colorful, imaginative world!

Donna Kato


Creating Colorways with Cheryl Potter

Learn how to put colors together in your own unique way! 



Cheryl Potter has been successfully doing just that for more than 20 years, and in this three-part workshop, she takes all that experience, breaks it out into three sections, and shares it with you.

This is not a technical dye class but a color exploration workshop, as you will learn different ways to combine dyes and fiber to create the personal effect you want. You can dye anything from commercial yarn and handspun yarn, to rug hooking wool, quilting fabric and more!

“I hope you’ll learn new ways to express ideas and images through color, and discover the stunning effects that can be created merely by changing one element of the design.” ~ Cheryl Potter

sos1-2 The creation of a colorway is a process that first involves technique (the dye factor) and introducing your yarn choices (the fiber factor).

So in part one, you will be introduced to five hand-dyed techniques including immersion dyeing, space dyeing, overdyeing, dip dye yarn and hand painting, and how fibers take dyes differently. For example, cotton and wool dyed in the same sequence looks completely different! In this section, Cheryl also teaches you about the various types of yarn construction.

Part two is the “creative translation” phase. By sharing her own anecdotes, Cheryl shows you how to find your color inspiration and translate it into your own personal colorway.

In part three, Cheryl shows you how to create two different colorways, with markedly different effects. Then you get to do one on your own. The colors you’ve dreamed of can now become a reality! And this is just the beginning…

Preview and Purchase Cheryl’s Class

Level: Advanced Beginner | $40

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