Thankful for Sub Zero Weather

Here in Northern Vermont, the temperature has not broken more than a few degrees above zero in days, and most night have been 20 below. It’s hard to be thankful for that kind of weather, but this weekend Tim and I were thankful for subzero temperatures when our Sub Zero refrigerator quit on Saturday and we found out we could not get it repaired until Sunday.

Having just gone grocery shopping the night before, we used our glassed in but unheated porch as a refrigerator freezer which worked out fine during the day, but our food and drinks froze over night. Here are some eggs and Diet Sunkist that we are currently trying to defrost.

It is a balmy almost 20 degrees as evidenced by our outdoor thermometer this morning and we hope to see the refrigerator repairman some time today. Thank you sub zero weather!

EDITED UPDATE: After waiting for the refrigerator guy for 3 days–He went off the road in Glover and had to wait for a wrecker. In the meantime, I found out frozen eggs are not bad for you so Tim and I had them for lunch!

Brrr!! And that's a heat wave compared to what we've gotten lately!

Brrr!! And that’s a heat wave compared to what we’ve gotten lately!

Frozen eggs and frozen sukist - the breakfast of champions?

Frozen eggs and frozen sukist – the breakfast of champions?

At least it's cold outside - but wait - too cold! Frozen food!

At least it’s cold outside – but wait – too cold! Frozen food!

Broken deep freeze - gah!

Broken deep freeze – gah!

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