The Broken Circle Student Work Is About to Go to Print

We are so happy that our free Student Workbook has become so popular. And it is a free download at Potluck Yarn, every time anyone purchases a book and schools and libraries plus anyone who is an educator gets it for free.


The second edition of The Broken Circle has the Student Workbook at the end of the book and each of the chapters has tear out pages. Why? Cheating?

No, that couldn’t be! But each chapter has its own tear out page, available at the discretion of the teacher, librarian or educator

Check out this review of the student workbook!

Any teacher will tell you that having a child able to read a book is one thing, but having them able to understand and comprehend the story that they have read is another. Comprehension is becoming a huge deal in the school system, and for good reason. Generally, teachers have to come up with their own discussion prompts and analytical reasoning questions, but The Broken Circle by Cheryl Potter comes with its very own student workbook.

The Book

The Broken Circle is a fantastical tale about witches, but it’s unlikely that you’ve ever read a tale quite like it before. Unlike many fantasy books, The Knitting Witches do not whisper incantations to make their magic, instead they have other magical talents that they use. When they find themselves caught in a war between worlds the Witches use their talents and skills in order to try to heal a broken world.

The Student Workbook

The Student Workbook is just one companion that you can get for this book, as the book also has a companion pattern book that knitting lovers can purchase in order to be able to create the very same garments that the witches create. The student workbook, however, is a unique companion book that allows parents or teachers to start a discussion with children or adolescents who have read the book.

Each chapter has four sections: critical reading, analytical reading, discussion prompt, and a vocabulary portion. The critical reading section asks questions that pertain to the actual reading. For example:

“Where do Sky and Trader go?”
“Who is the best sledder in all the lands?”

The analytical reasoning questions allow students to put more thought into the decisions and actions that the characters make. These questions include things like:

“Should Esmeralde believe the signs from her Possibles Bag? Why or why not?”
“Should Wheat follow the soldiers and warn the witches?”

The discussion prompt section makes it easy for parents or teachers to ask children questions that relate to the book but also to real life. For example one discussion question in the student guide is, “what does it mean to be part of a family?” This type of question allows for teachers or parents to start a meaningful discussion that connects with the book as well as with real life.

The Student Workbook is available to schools and libraries for free, allowing educators to teach great lessons to students while they are immersing themselves in a fantasy land.

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