The Fossickers’ Hideouts


The Dell Fossickers have four hideouts in the Middlelands, three of which we encounter in Book One.  These are secluded camps that Trader and Clayton built for their group of boys, who number anywhere from 8 to 15 youths at any one time

Fossickers fear getting caught and put into rolling cages by the North who would conscript them to fight as soldiers against the south.  Fossickers also resist capture by the southern Lowlanders for the same reason.  This is why they have migratory camps—if one hideout is discovered or raided, sometimes by another fossick group even, they can move to another camp quickly.  They have gear—which they call “truck”—hidden at each camp, as well as fossick finds they can use for trade.

In The Broken Circle, Trader takes Skye to The Dell, which is the main camp of the Dell Fossickers, while Clayton takes Garth and the rest of the boys to the camp at the High Rocks to gather their truck for trade.  That night, they meet at their third camp, underneath the trestle bridge that leads to Banebridge.  There the Northland guard finds them, and they have to scatter or risk being caught.  The last camp, which is a secret sanctuary they use only in dire times, we will encounter in Book Two.

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