The Handpaint Process Begins in Kindergarten

One of the reasons I call my new self-striping yarns Fingerpaints is because it reminds me of happier days in my kindergarten “art” class. All of us five-year-olds donned smocks and were given a large piece of construction paper which we taped to our desks. Next we each got three colors of water soluble paint and were encouraged to use our fingers as paint brushes. Some of us also got creative with our forearms, elbows, knuckles—anything that would create a distinct mark, even noses!

Most of us, even at the age of five discovered that red and blue made purple, yellow and blue made green and red and yellow made orange. I think those were the only three primary colors our little class had. Some of the bolder kids figured out that if you mixed all the colors together you got brown. To this day, I call this mixture “making mud.”

When I teach handpainting colorway classes now, it always surprises me how hard it is for some of us to return to those carefree days. Yes, our “smocks” have been replaced with sweatshirts, our jars of watercolors are now colorfast dyes and our fingers are now covered with gloves. The construction paper has been transformed into a hank of sock yarn—but the joyful process of colorful discovery is still the same. We just need to remember to start acting like kids!

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