The Knitting Witches at TNNA

A Note from Author Cheryl Potter

We had a wonderful week in Long Beach at The National Needlework Show. Finally we got to meet up face to face with so many of the people that contributed to The Broken Circle.  We were lucky enough to have both the book and pattern book displayed in the New Products area, along with the first 2 KALs, the Potluck Hit and Ratta’s Muffin Mitts, which were hosted by Donna Druchunas.

Then we met up with our social media gal Lynda Ryba and went to the Fashion Show.  What fun to see Aubergine’s Simmer Shawl go down the runway.  Lynda got a few snaps with her phone, plus a nice close up of the pattern stitch. The colorway is Aubergine, named after the Potluck Queen Aubergine herself.

We showed both books plus a few more garments in the Unicorn Booth, and it was so exciting to have our own display in such a huge space with hundreds of other new books.  The Yarns of the Knitting Witches is an indie book set and featured on the Visionary page of the Unicorn Spring Catalog.  Unicorn is selling the books as a set and also including free prizes like bookmarks with handpainted yarn tassels and HiyaHiya needles.

The next day we finally met our layout designer, Mary Joy, whom we like to call MJ (in green).  She designed the layout for the book, pattern book and is now working on the Kindle and Nook versions, plus helping us overhaul the Potluck Yarn website. We’re adding lots of interactive features to help you learn more about the Knitting Witches and their world, plus adding a full-blown secure shopping cart.  We bought lots of yarn at the show and hope to have all 21 original kits available by this summer.

This week we head back to Vermont full of ideas.  At the show we’ve been planning trunk shows and readings and will let everyone know our schedule as soon as we can confirm the dates.  For sure there will be a reading at The Galaxy Bookshop in Hardwick Vermont during one of their Stories and Stitches gatherings on Tuesdays, and we’re planning two trunk shows in Arizona–one in Prescott and one in Sedona.  We’re also planning a few stops in Pennsylvania, one at Yarns Unlimited and another at The Knitter’s Edge, plus a few more stores we met at the show.

If your store, guild, group or bookstore wants to have a book signing, reading, knitting event or a combination of all three, just let us know.

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