The Knitting Witches Go to California

This week we’re showing The Broken Circle for the first time ever at The National Needlework Association Winter Trade Show in Long Beach, California.  Look for Cheryl in the Unicorn Books & Crafts booth and at the fashion show, where she will be showing garments from The Potluck Yarn Trilogy Book One.

Unicorn will be taking wholesale orders for The Broken Circle and the book and pattern book are already available at Amazon, too. Individual signed copies can be purchased here at Potluck Yarn or at The Supersock Store, where we also have patterns for download and kits and yarn from the book.


This is the map from Book One, but we need help with the map from Book Two. We have already started the map for the second book and are looking for suggestions.  Most of the map covers the large Northern city of Bordertown, which has 7 boroughs and is shaped like a broken wagon wheel, much like the broken circle. We have named the boroughs (west to east and clockwise):


Butcher’s Block: home of the Western Gate and the stockyards
Merchant’s Pass: home of Aubergine and the Potluck
Artisan’s Hand: the mercantile district
Winter Watch: where the Garrison is,
As Yet Unnamed borough
then River Walk: childhood home of Trader, the commerce area along the river, and home of the Southern Gate,
As Yet Unnamed borough next to the Butcher’s Block.

So we have a merchant district, stockyards, river commerce, artisan / warehouse district,  and government.  What should the other 2 districts have or do? We were thinking about a borough devoted to produce/ flowers/ farmer’s market and another devoted to metal work–smithy’s, city stables, or maybe just a large borough where people live that work in these places, like you might think of Brooklyn or Queens in the 1800′s.

We were thinking of loosely modeling Bordertown after the medieval walled city of York in the UK.  Any input is appreciated, and if we use your idea we’ll send you a $10 gift certificate!

Here’s some inspiration…

This wall surrounded York in medieval times.  Cheryl walked around the entire wall in the rain one day, just to see what the original city contained.  Of course the city has grown way beyond the walls, now.




Here is an old dry cistern in the desert of Arizona above a dry riverbed called a wash.  In The Potluck Yarn Trilogy, the Lowlanders may have lived in such an area.




And, finally, did you wonder how Aubergine got her name? Here’s a photo of an open-air market in the UK where eggplants are called “aubergines.”


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