The Knitting Witches Make The Runway!

Many of you do not know that not only did the knitting witches actually design all 21 garments for the Companion Pattern Book of the Broken Circle, but that three of them were featured in the fashion show at TNNA, sponsored by Vogue Knitting!  We loved hearing the store owners clap excitedly – but imagine how much more they would’ve clapped if they would have known about the magical qualities that the witches had bestowed on the garments!

The first featured design was Skye’s Traveling Cloak, from Chapter One. Did anyone realize that a cloak knit in the colorway Glacier Ice would allow anyone to pass unseen, even in front of Northland soldiers?

Skye'sTraveling Cloak

Our second piece was Teal’s Coat Of Many Colors, which was a patchwork cardigan Tracery Teal knit as a barn coat one time.  Smokey Jo found out that the coat could do many other things, which got her in trouble with Tracery Teal.  As an example, Smokey Jo got locked in the dye shed and missed her supper.

Tracery Teal's Kimono of Many Colors

The final garment was The Fire and Ice Shawl, now a Knitalong on Ravelry.  This lace weight piece is knit from Suri Alpaca in the colorway Fire and Ice, and its magical qualities will be revealed in Book Two:  Secrets of the Lost Caves.

The Fire and Ice Shawl

All three of these patterns and kits are now available at Potluck Yarn.  We are so sorry for those of you who had to wait—but please remember that all of the yarn is painted by hand.  On the plus side, all of the patterns come out of such a unique fantasy book that you simply know that they must be magical…

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