The Middlelands

Welcome to The Middlelands of the Broken Circle Trilogy. The Middlelands lie between the borders of the Lowlands and the Northlands, often called the Glacierlands. Caught in the ongoing war between the Northland Guard and the Dark Queen’s Southern Lowlands, the bucolic Middlelands are overrun by the armies of both sides. To the West are the Highlands, and to the East are the Fisheries of the Far East.

Potluck Yarn Map - The Middleands

Middlelanders are non warring people, given to hard work, farm and frolic. The World’s Fair is held each spring in Middlemarch, along the River Runne in the Southern part of the Middlelands.

For the most part, the knitting witches–what is left of the circle of twelve–reside in the Middlelands, for at one time they all apprenticed at Potluck Yarn which is located in Merchant’s Row in Bordertown.

Lakes and streams flowing south from the Northland Glacier are plentiful in the Middlelands, the most notable being the Teardrop Lake at Top Notch. From there, the Lavender Rill swirls with magical crystal glacier flour and thunders into the mighty River Runne.

Towns of note include the trading post village of Banebridge, the forges at Coventry and the tanneries of Woolen Woods. The only city is Bordertown , a walled settlement housing seven boroughs that separates the Middlelands from the North.

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    Glacier Rill

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    Crystal Rill

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