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Bordertown is the only real city in the Middlelands and it separates the Middlelands from the Northlands, also known as the Glacierlands. Bordertown is a walled city shaped like a skewed circle, with a bulge at the Northeastern edge, where the Garrison becomes part of the wall.

At the City Center, which unites all seven boroughs, the river runs through a park surrounding the Citadel which is mostly used for council meetings and houses government offices. In peace times, representatives from all seven boroughs gather at the Citadel to form committees and vote on civic affairs.

Surrounding the Citadel are protected park like grounds with fountains, statues, topiary and flower gardens through which the Sanguine River runs South from the Northland Glacier and flows out through the aqueduct at the Southern Gate to join the mighty River Runne which thunders south past Banebridge to Middlemarch, home of the World’s Fair.

The Garrison, a huge castle built right into the city walls above the Northern Gate. The Northland army is stationed there to protect and serve the people of the Middlelands, whether they want them to or not.
Artisans Hand - Arts and Crafts district of Bordertown, it lies next to Merchant's Row and houses the best sorts of craftsman shops and studios as well as fine eateries such as the Cask and Barrel Tavern.
Merchants Pass - the stately homes of well heeled Merchant's Row, where a certain group of witches once lived.
Butcher's Block at the Western Gate. You'll find all sorts of fresh meat here in the stockyards, and in the form of night walkers and in the narrow Closes beyond.
Winter Watch, a small city within the city. Its sole function is to supply the Garrison, especially in times of need or siege, or plague—just pick a calamity, and see how soon they shut their inner gate.
River Walk along the Sanguine waterway. Beneath River Walk are the great aqueducts of the Southern Gate and many ply their trade along its waters. You'll find the pawn shops and rag traders here too. Many of the alehouses along the river have certainly seen better days.
Close Quarters. There's awfully Close Quarters between River Walk and Butcher's Block. A thin piece of the Bordertown pie that suffers to claim the working class folk such as us. The hives they call it, the hovels. But a better class of folk you'll find no where else in that town.
The Citadel, a crumbling tower built long ago to unite all seven boroughs. In times of peace, folk from each borough would gather and share rule of the city from the government offices of the city council. That was before the North came and built their castle into the walls of our great city.

  • Butcher’s Block–the stockyards, houses the Western Gate.
  • Merchant’s Row–above and next to that, where Potluck Yarn is.
  • Artisan’s Hand–the arts and crafts district, next to Merchant’s Row.
  • The Garrison–houses the Northern Gate, where the army is stationed, a fortified castle built right into the wall, most northern borough.
  • Winter Watch–just south of that, a self-sufficient borough whose function is to supply the Garrison.
  • River Walk–the borough along the river, houses the southern gate, the aqueducts and where anything comes in by boat.
  • Close Quarters–between River Walk and Butcher’s Block, where the working class people live.

Take a tour of Butchers Block

Bordertown Wall

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