The Potluck Witches and All Their Garments!

The Broken Circle is special not only because it’s a fantastic tale of witches who use their knitting powers to help them overthrow tyranny, it’s also special because each chapter features something that you can knit yourself! Here, for the first time, is a complete list of all of the garments that you can knit as well as which chapter they’re found in!

Prologue: The Gathering Has Begun . . . Who Will Come?
This prologue features Aubergine’s Magic Wrap, shown in the yarn called Babyloop in the colorway called Aubergine. The wrap gives Aubergine strength as well as courage sometimes.

Chapter 1: Trouble at the World’s Fair
This chapter features the Potluck Hats shown in the yarn called Potluck Worsted in the colorways Serene Blue/Green and Pass Unseen. Serene Blue Green helps you feel calm and collected. Pass Unseen lets you leave a crowd unnoticed.

Chapter 2: The Road to Banebridge
This chapter features Esmeralde’s Possibles Bag shown in the yarn Jumbo Loop in the colorway Dreamcatcher. The Possibles Bag holds all of Esmeralde’s Possible medicines in every combination.

Chapter 3: The River Runs High
This chapter features Skye’s Traveling Cloak shown in the yarn Baby Llama Glow in the colorway Glacier Ice. The cloak offers the powers of persuasion when the hood is down and invisibility when the hood is up.

Chapter 4: The Killing Field
This chapter features Lavender Mae’s Precious Pouch shown in the yarn North Country Cotton in the colorway Precious Jewels. The pouch hides any number of crystals and jewels in a pouch worn like a necklace around Mae’s neck.

Chapter 5: Thieves of the Frozen Tombs
This chapter features Winter Wheat’s Felted-Backpack shown in the yarn Potluck Bulky in the colorway Winter Wheat. The backpack holds all of Wheat’s belongings and never gets wet even in rain.

Chapter 6: The Road Less Traveled
This chapter features Lilac Lily’s Going to Market Bag shown in the yarn Potluck Bulky in the colorway Very Berry. The market bag never gets heavy or full no matter what Lily buys at the market or produce stand.

Chapter 7: Lost Without Mamie
This chapter features Ratta’s Never-Ending-Shawl shown in the yarn Oceania colorway Old Rose that Ratta also calls Dusty Rose. The shawl cocoons its wearer between this world and the Land of Dreams.

Chapter 8: The Fossickers Scatter
Skye’s Elfin-Lace-Shawl shown in the yarn Suri Lace in the semi-solid color Plum. A prize winning frost flower patterned piece, the shawl was disqualified at the World’s Fair and now only serves to keep Skye warm.

Chapter 9: Playing with Fire
This chapter features the Indigo Rose’s Women’s-Work, Fingerless-Gloves shown Supersock Select in the colorway Caribou Creek. The thumb is covered because Indigo Rose does not need a green thumb to grow fantastical plants in her greenhouse. Instead she uses magic.

Chapter 10: Voices of the Ancients
This chapter features Warren’s Snowflake-Watch-Cap shown in Baby Alpaca Worsted in the colors Blue and Natural. The hat is magical, but no one knows what it does until book two of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy which is called Secrets of the Lost Caves. For now, it just keeps Warren’s head warm.

Chapter 11: The Dervish Awakens
This chapter features Winter Wheat’s Highland-Lace-Scarf shown in Suri Lace in the colorway Gypsy Rose. The scarf is weightless but keeps Wheat warm in the worst blizzards and coldest nights in the Highlands.

Chapter 12: Call of the Cold-Fire Crystal
This chapter features Sierra’s Secret-Socks shown in Supersock Select in the colorway African Gray that Sierra calls Ancient Threads. The socks always know where to go, insuring that their wearer never gets lost.

Chapter 13: Mamie’s Last Message
This chapter features Ratta’s Muffin-Top-Mitts shown in Fingerpaints in the colorway Morning Glory. It allows Ratta who is a rough brash girl to do tender work, like caring for Mamie Verde.

Chapter 14: Time to Clean House
This chapter features Smokey Jo’s Smoken-Cowl shown in Sockittome in the coloway Smoken. It can be worn as a neckwarmer or hood and Smokey Jo wears it when she feels like playing with fire.

Chapter 15: Journey to the Border
This chapter features Esmeralde’s Jaunty-Beret shown in Supersock Select in the the coloway Northern Lights. It helps Esmeralde feel fearless when traveling alone at night.

Chapter 16: A Rude Awakening
This chapter features Mae’s Mitered-Afghan shown in Supersock Select in many colorways. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from a lap robe to a picnic blanket and grows larger or smaller depending upon its intended use.

Chapter 17: Stories Too Close to True
This chapter features the Land of Dreams scarves shown in Supersock Select in the coloways Foxy Lady or Gypsy Rose depending upon which motif your choose. The scarves are ceremonial, used for rites of passage.

Chapter 18: The Gathering
This chapter features Tracery Teal’s Kimono-of-Many-Colors shown in Supersock Select in many colorways. The jacket allows the wearer to both fly and become invisible.

Chapter 19: Hidden in Plain Sight

This chapter features Aubergine’s Simmer Shawl shown in Supersock Lace in the colorway Aubergine. It is a ceremonial mantle that allows Aubergine to conduct a Simmer around the dyepot that reveal visions in her hourglass.

Chapter 20: Finding the Lost Tale
This chapter features the Fire and Ice Shawl shown in Suri Lace in the colorway Fire and Ice. It is a magical shawl that protects the wearer against the maddening voices of the ancients.

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