TNNA Hightlights for Cherry Tree Hill and The Knitting Witches

Tim and I have just returned from The National Needlework Show in Sand Diego and would like to share some highlights of the show with you. We set up our booth on Friday and also our new Broad Band yarn in the New Products area with a small shawl my friend and co author Sharon Mooney designed from just one hank of Broad Band in the colorway Winterberry. It is a beautiful garment and shows the colors nicely!

That night was the fashion show in which we had two garments, the Potluck Yarn Fire and Ice shawl, which is pictured on the back cover of The Broken Circle Companion Pattern Book and the Grand Finale Shawl which will be the last garment in my upcoming book Amazing Lace, the sequel to my current lace book, Lavish Lace.

Saturday and Sunday were filled with booth duty and book signings. I signed over 120 Lavish Lace books total! And from the pre-orders they placed, the stores really loved the Broad Band yarn. I am happy to say that both the Broad Band and Lavish Lace will be available soon. I did bring some advance copies of Lavish Lace from the show and the Broad Band yarn has been dyed, wound, and labeled. We will be filling all back orders this week!

Another fun thing that happened at the show was that we contracted with Yarn Box for their May shipment. If you are a Yarn Box subscriber, you will get yarns and all kinds of other Cherry Tree Hill goodies in May!

San Diego is beautiful city with lots to do and plenty of great food. Any time we did not have to be at the show, we spent in the historic Gas Light District. It was sunny and in the seventies every day–a far cry from the subzero temperature here in Vermont.

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