Update On The Potluck Yarn Trilogy Book Two: Secrets of the Lost Caves

Great news everyone! Over the weekend, I finished the first draft of the second book of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, which is called Secrets of the Lost Caves. The book has 33 chapters and is 466 pages long and took almost exactly a year to write. Like book one, this book features maps of the magical worlds and garments. You get an in depth map of Bordertown and also a map of the Northland Glaicer and surround areas.

Next the book goes to my editor and illustrator. The editor will cut and tighten the book and the illustrator with provide a sketch for each chapter and the cover. We already have the cover finished and can offer you a sneak peak now. It features Winter Wheat and Garth trying to get past the Dervish to gain entry to the Crystal Caves. Note that a wolverine wearing an amethyst necklace is watching them from the shadows!

Book Two Cover

The illustrator already has 8 of the preliminary sketches of the 13 (13, you ask–I thought there were only 12! Answer: there used to be 12 …) knitting witches done and we’re going to show them to you and ask for comments one by one. After we get your input, we’ll send the comments back to our artist, finalize the sketches and have them colorized. Yes, we are doing some color illustrations this time in addition to pencil sketches.

As for garments for the companion pattern book–let’s see–we plan on 16 new garments in addition to the 20 garments in the first book. We already have an oven mitt for Smokey Jo, a shrug for Ratta, magic wristlets for Aubergine, the Fire and Ice shawl for Skye, a satchel for Tasman, a headscarf for Little Teal, a vest for Niles and we’re looking for more suggestions. We might even do a call for designs for some of the more whimsical items.

As you can see, we are at the beginning stages of publishing the novel and pattern book and we plan to share the journey with you. Hopefully, the book will be in stores this fall!


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