Which Witch is Which? (Part 3)

In case you missed them, be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

The second part of The Broken Circle title is Yarns of the Knitting Witches.  By this, I don’t just mean the fibers they dye and spin that will become the magical yarns they knit into enchanted garments, I mean their stories.  Where did all these witches come from?

The Girls

Many arrived but only few were chosen, just seven:  Sierra, Indigo Rose, Esmeralde, Lavender Mae, Winter Wheat, Ratta and Tasman.   These are their stories.

Sierra was a Northland girl, sent south by her family to learn Aubergine’s lore.  Her parents hoped that one day she would follow Aubergine’s footsteps to assume the mantle of Potluck Queen.  Many Northlanders felt their children held unrealized magic inside them, remnants leftover from ancient times.  Sierra was one such girl.

Indigo Rose was born in the bucolic Middlelands and was sent north from her family farm in Banebridge to apprentice at the Potluck, for the farm had too few sons but plenty of girls.  Her specialty was gardening rare and exotic medicinal herbs.  At the Potluck she found she could make any plant grow, even out of season.

Esmeralde grew up with carnies that ran a traveling side show, which featured fantastical puppets, simple sleight of hand magic tricks and a faith healer who hawked homemade remedies.  Esmeralde found she had a penchant for producing magical medicines and ran away from the carnies one day in Bordertown to begin selling her own cure-alls. When her luck ran out, she found herself at Potluck Yarn.

Lavender Mae was a strange little girl with wispy hair born in a mining camp at the Crystal Lakes.  Even at an early age, she knew her crystals and spent her time picking odd shards from the freshets that pooled each spring leading from the Northland Glacier to the Teardrop Dam.  After her mother died of an unknown sickness, her father moved on.  Luckily some of the women at the camp, feeling sorry for the abandoned girl and recognizing something rare in her took her to Potluck Yarn.

Winter Wheat was a big brazen girl who hailed from the Western Highlands.  She never cared for womanly pursuits, preferring to learn the lore of the shepherds who passed through her father’s grasslands each season. When her family found that she could not only communicate with all animals but ken their nature, they hired one of the shepherds to take her to Potluck Yarn.

Ratta was born a serving wench in Coventry.  She lived with her mother and sister in a hired man’s cabin in the woods behind Mamie Verde’s family estate.  Ratta enjoyed her kitchen work and keeping the old woman company.  When Aubergine summoned Mamie to Potluck Yarn, it was only natural for Ratta to be the servant chosen to accompany her.

Tasman was a tall slender girl with black hair and cold green eyes, from the Fisheries of the Far East.  Her mother’s family netted shrimp and sold them along the docks. Her father was a wandering Glacier Born Hed Clansman, who took her mother back to the Glacierlands, hoping for sons.  Born a daughter, Tasman had a vestige of old magic, simmering inside her and found herself an apprentice at Potluck Yarn.

Look for an audio visual presentation of the wandering bard, Miles from Nowhere telling the story of Which Witch is Witch, coming soon, direct from the Middlelands.  He has just returned from the Middlemarch World’s Fair and is wending his way north, singing for his supper by telling Tales of the Twelve.

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