Which Witch is Which? (Part 1)

Here’s a note from Cheryl giving us a little insight into the Knitting Witches and the next book in The Broken Circle trilogy.

The second part of The Broken Circle title is Yarns of the Knitting Witches.  By this, I don’t just mean the fibers they dye and spin that will become the magical yarns they knit into enchanted garments, I mean their stories.  Where did all these witches come from?

The Adult Witches

Back in the day– and for the purposes of this first book of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, “the day” means when the witches were young girls more than twenty years ago–dye mistress Aubergine, known to some as the Potluck Queen, opened a school for girls at her fiber cooperative called Potluck Yarn.  Many came to apprentice, but few were chosen.  The first witch was Aubergine herself, who learned all on her own to wield the magic crystals freely.

The next witch was her lifelong friend Mamie Verde, older than them all but forever young, thus the name Verde which means “green”.  She was the Keeper of the Tales.  To run the household which included the dormitory and kitchen they chose housemother Lilac Lily, the only witch among them able to win the girls’ confidence and discern their untold secrets.  Finally there was Tracery Teal whose lineage stretched back to the First Folk. Teal was a witch who could be killed but never fully destroyed.  These four adults chose seven apprentice girls.  I say seven, for Smokey Jo was already there when the others began to gather.

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