Win a Copy of Lavish Lace Before It’s Available!

I have been astounded a lot lately – first by the news from the publisher that they are going to re-release Lavish Lace, and secondly by the enormous amount of people who are excited for the re-release and who are just waiting to get their copy of the book! Want even more good news?

We’re making a sequel!

That’s right! We’re in the planning process for the sequel and there are some seriously amazing patterns that will be included in the sequel. I know you’re excited to buy a copy of the original Lavish Lace, but unfortunately you have to wait until spring of 2014 to get it…

Unless, of course, you win a copy!


The publisher was amazing and gave us one copy of the book to give away, and we want you to have a chance to win it!

We’ve had such amazing names from you guys we figured we’d have another naming contest! To win a copy of Lavish Lace all you have to do is to help us name the sequel!

To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what the sequel book to Lavish Lace should be named by Monday, December 9th at 12 PM EST. The winner will be selected from the entrants and will not only win a copy of Lavish Lace, but will also be the person to name the sequel!

Make sure you check out the Potluck Yarn official contest information and then come back and give us your best name!!


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5 comments on “Win a Copy of Lavish Lace Before It’s Available!
  1. Amy Drees says:

    Luxurious Lace: More Lavish Lace Knitting with Hand-painted Yarns

  2. Catherine McClarey says:

    Hooked on Lace: More Lace Knitting & Crochet with Hand-Painted Yarns

  3. Teri Selbicky says:

    The sequel “Alluring Lace”

  4. Alice Glassen says:

    Luscious Lace

  5. grace yaskovic says:

    Even More Lavish Lace–Using hand painted Yarns

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