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As most of you know, the Knitting Witches reside at Potluck Yarn in Bordertown, which is the only city on the Middlelands.  But the Knitting Witches have other worlds too, some of which you already get to see and read about in Book One and others in Book Two. Book One features a map of the Middlelands which you can find in full color on our Potluck Yarn website. Mouse over it and zoom in and out of your favorite places.

The Cask And Barrel Pub in Bordertown

Cask & Barrel Pub

Book Two will focus on the seven boroughs of Bordertown, already available on our Potluck Yarn site. Each borough features a landmark to help you navigate yourself through the city in Book Two. You’ll become familiar with places like the Cask & Barrel Tavern, the Closes of Butcher’s Block and rooming houses like the Loose Goose along Riverwalk. Mouse over these places and you’ll find that we’ve already put up some additional information you won’t find anywhere else. Hopefully you’ll be able to go inside for a tour of some of the city streets and buildings.

The world inside the walls of the Northland Glacier becomes important in Book Two as well. Soon you will have the option of exploring the ancient city of Tigeria with the Guardian, who promises to protect you from beings both dead and alive. You can visit the tombs and perhaps even get a peek inside the legendary lost caves. Keep checking back for new additions!

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