Writing From Within Update

Writing From Within

Dear Writing from Within Participants:
Shannon and I are excited you are coming to our first writing retreat and would like to follow up on a few questions and reminders.

Most of you are either driving or flying. If you need help with car rentals, rides or directions, please contact Cheryl at cheryl@cherryyarn.com at your earliest convenience. Hanson House address is:
435 Elm Street
Barton, Vermont 05822

Hanson House Retreat Photos


Cheryl and Tim will not be able to pick up anyone from the airport Thursday afternoon as they will be greeting guests prepping Hanson House for opening night dinner. You may check in at Hanson House any time after 4 pm. Please let Tim know what time you plan to arrive so that he can show you to your room. His email is tim@cherryyarn.com
There are 5 rooms at Hanson House, one of which is a small two bedroom suite. If you have any special rooming needs, please let Cheryl know. Otherwise rooms are on a first come first served basis.


We are finalizing the menu Friday. If you have any special needs, please contact the caterer, Martha Willey at martha.d.willey@gmail.com.


Final payments for the class are due April 1st.
Please contact Dave dave@cherryyarn.com to make your final payment for the retreat.
Opening dinner is Thursday, April 10th at Hanson House at 6:30 pm. If you cannot make opening night dinner, please let us know so that Martha can adjust how many guests she will be serving and if she should leave food in the guest kitchen for you.

This weekend, Shannon and Cheryl would like some information via email:
Please send us a sample of your writing, or provide us with an idea of what you would like to work on during the retreat.
Please list your top five goals that you would like to explore in this workshop. Shannon’s email is info@cooperativepress.com and Cheryl’s is above.

Here is our flexible itinerary:

April 10th Thursday Night

Opening Dinner 6:30 pm
Meet and greet with Shannon and Cheryl, settle into your room and have dinner with your fellow participants and instructors.

Friday Morning Session
Shannon and Cheryl introduce themselves and discuss their writing/publishing experiences.
Students introduce themselves and discuss their writing/ publishing goals
Student sign ups: One on one with Cheryl or Shannon (3 participants for each writer)
Catered Lunch
Sample Writing Discussion
Sample Writing Free Style
Catered Dinner
Shannon’s Presentation

Free Style Writing Presentations and Group Critiques
Catered Lunch
Free Style Writing Focus and Goal Review
Catered Dinner
Cheryl’s Presentation


One on One Meetings one hour each
Catered Lunch
Free Writing Time / Optional Guided Field Trips:
Cherry Tree Hill Studio Tour
Log Cabin Alpaca Farm Tour
Catered Dinner
Sunday night Student Presentations
Hosted by Sharon Mooney, Hands on Knitting Center Redlands, California

Monday Morning

No scheduled meals, leave at your leisure taking your newly inspired creative muse with you!

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