Cart Contents And Inventory

Wondering why some items disappeared from your cart?

We sell many items that are limited in quantity. Sometimes there is only one of an item.

We are aware that some customers, some just visitors too who do not complete purchases, load up their shopping carts with many hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. We're sure it seems harmless to them but if we put a "hold" on items just because someone had them in their cart, there wouldn't be a whole of items left to buy.

For that, and other reasons, inventory is not updated until your transaction is completed. That is when PayPal or approve your purchase. Then you get the order completed message, our inventory is updated and emails are sent.

We do not empty your cart, our system uses a "persistent shopping cart." If you add items to your cart before logging in our cart will remember that and combine any items that may have been in your cart from your last visit.

If something has disappeared from your cart, it was sold to another customer or removed from inventory, we don't just go around taking things out of carts.

Thanks for shopping at Potluck Yarn.